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Editor and Founder

I’m one of the founders of this website. I come from the Great Lakes region of the United States which is known for its high water hardness level. When I was suffering from hard water problems in my home, I realized that there wasn’t enough useful content online on this topic. Most of the sites just want to refer people to buy products they been incentivized for, without actually providing any value whatsoever. That’s when I started this site to guide people to choosing the right water softener system for their homes. That was my first article here. Later on, I’ve teamed up with a bunch of other passionate people to cover wide range of home improvement topics.

Among other things, I am a freelance writer who enjoys writing. My full-time job is the installation of residential and commercial water filtration equipment. Over the years I have seen reverse osmosis technology transform into an affordable product for every home. Knowing the benefits of clean filtered water, I decided to reach out to a wider audience – the internet. My goal is to bring the technology closer to everyone interested and give you the low-down on the best products. As a father of two toddlers, I know how important it is to give your family the best they deserve, and water is the basis of life.

Isaiah Pearson

Web Developer and Designer

My name is Isaiah Pearson; I’m a 35-year-old designer and long-time programmer. My expertise lies in coding and graphic design, as I’ve been in the business of making websites for more than a decade. I can also write a review or two and articles from time to time.

My interest in the topic of water filtration and RO systems comes from being a long-time user and firm believer in the technology. In the early 2000s, I realized my health problems were related to a contaminated water supply. Realizing there’s an opportunity to introduce more people to the benefits of filtered water, I joined forces with Patrick. We both agreed the best approach for the subject would be to use a straightforward and simple layout. What was even more important to us was that the writing was honest and that everyone could use it as a good source of unbiased information.

Anna Geismar

Outreach Manager

Hey, I’m Anna Geismar, a 24-year-old Outreach Manager with the knack of discovering new people and hidden talents online! If you’re wondering where all these informative articles from different bloggers (besides our amazing authors) came to be, I found ’em!

Water flirtation has been a passion of mine ever since I used a soft water filter when I moved out of home and began living on my own. I want to be able to share to others in whatever way I can, communicating with fellow online influencers and bloggers, reaching out to people online, as it’s one of the best ways to get word out!


Outreach Manager

I’m Ann-Charlotte, working side by side with Anna Geismar as an outreach manager here at Home Fascination. I’m now 38 years old and while a bit older than Anna, I’ve still got the knack for finding fresh writers and budding bloggers who love to post amazing content for us.

Why water softeners and other water filtration products? I believe they are a necessity for all homes! I began and continue working here at Home Fascination to reach out to others and collaborate with them to create the best content that spreads our advocacy, which is clean water for all.


Chris Deziel


I’m Chris Deizel, an old soul with a huge heart and knack for science! I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in Humanities, but turned to writing and being active in home and building design for over four decades now. I’m now a landscape builder and even helped establish two gardening companies!

I stumbled upon water filtration systems during my times in home design and research on efficient gardening. As I delved in deeper, I knew there needed to be more information about this, which is why I began writing for Home Fascination to let people know what they need, water-wise!

Gary Sprague


My name’s Gary Sprague, one of the bet master plumbers out there and ready to help all families and businesses with their plumbing needs! I’ve had over 25 years of experience and also dabbed into writing during those years. Now, I love to write more and and in my contributions to help others in terms of their water and plumbing, which helps save up on costs and give their home or office exactly what they need.

In Home Fascination, I love to talk about water softeners and other filtration systems that have helped me and my family get the supply of clean water we use in all ways!

Stephanie Mitchell


My name is Stephanie Mitchell, and you might be surprised that I’m a 35-year-old writer who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theater! Writing got me to explore different topics, and I became a professional writer at a young age, authoring different websites and articles for casting directors, self-help coaches, and real estate agents. I also edit a lot of articles, resumes, websites, and manuscripts.

Currently, I love writing for Home Fascination, which gives me the chance to explore more about water filtration and the possibilities and benefits it can give to just about anyone, including my growing family!

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