Having hard water at home can be such a hassle, from slimy surfaces to dishes that don’t sud well! That’s why it’s important to diagnose the problem and invest in the proper equipment to treat it. When I found out I had slightly hard water levels, I opted to get the Eddy Water Descaler.

This salt-free water softener offered a lot of benefits for my plumbing and was able to solve most of my hard water problems! But of course, I can’t just vouch for it with just one sentence. So, I decided to monitor its performance and the way it worked, creating a comprehensive review to see if it’s correct for YOU.

If you’re considering getting the Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener, check out my review on it first!

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About Eddy Electronic Water Descalers

Eddy Water Descalers is one of the most reputable water softener companies across the UK, known for their water conditioning units. They opened shop in London back in 1999, focusing on solving hard water problems Londoners suffered from even more during those times.

The company created a simple solution, which is the Eddy ED1503P, an electronic descaler coming at an affordable price. It continued upgrading from there, with even more upgraded models made depending on your hard water levels and plumbing needs!

How Does the Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Work?

The Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener is advertised as a water softener. However, take note that it works differently and is best described as a water conditioner.

This electronic device has coiled that go around your piping, working in a way that it improves your water quality. It does this by producing electromagnetic waves that interact with your water. The magnetic field will then go through all incoming water, which stops limescale from sticking and depositing to the pipes.

Specifically, it separates any limescale-forming ions by shattering them with the electromagnetic force. The waves that pass through water paralyze these harmful micro-particles by oscillating in higher frequencies. It only uses electricity, no salt, plumbing, or any other complex operations that make it difficult to set up and maintain the unit.

While this may seem very advantageous, this doesn’t make the descaler suitable for all homeowners! I’ll get into what it removes and who it’s suitable for in the next sections.

What Can It Remove?

Now that you know how it works, what exactly does it remove? While the usual water softener removes all water hardness and the like, this descaler removes nothing at all. It doesn’t add or remove anything with your water, and it also doesn’t alter the TDS and hardness levels as well.

The unit won’t interact with your water directly, as everything would happen within its electromagnetic field. So it emulates soft water, but what it does is to do this so there aren’t any build-ups in the pipes or your faucets. While it doesn’t make the water softer, it’s still a good choice as any of your water’s benefits won’t be taken out or replaced with sodium.

So you still get vital nutrients like calcium in your water while still benefiting from lessened limescale build-up.

What Does the Set Include?

A huge advantage to the Eddy Water Descaler is that it comes in the complete package. Everything you need for installation and maintenance is there.

You have the box, which contains the unit and four wires, as well as the AC adapter for plugging it into the power outlet. BUT, it doesn’t have a mounting bracket, if you choose to place it on the wall. Furthermore, there aren’t any wrenches or nails, though you won’t need these or other professional tools upon installation.

Besides the physical parts, it also comes with a lifetime repair and replacement warranty, as well as a one-year money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction!

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

I like how easy it is to install and setup the descaler, one of the reasons why it’s an attractive purchase. While some similar models require professional installation, this unit doesn’t require expensive tools and plumbers.

You just need to wrap the two coils around your pipes, then switch on the unit. The descaler works best on metal and/or plastic pipes, avoid using lead and iron ones, which can result in poor conductivity. Also, note that the coils included are for pipes with a 1.5-inch diameter, though you can choose to get the upgraded version for those with bigger pipes.

As for its maintenance, you won’t have to worry at all, since it runs on electricity. You won’t need to change batteries and you can leave it to work on its own as long as it’s got electricity coming in. However, it is NOT waterproof so make sure you install it with space between the descaler and the power outlets.

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Review 2020

Once I got it up and running, I was amazed at some changes! It took less than a month before the stains started to lessen. I also had no problem with maintaining the descaler, since it was running on electricity continuously. I didn’t need to check it out until a few weeks just for minimal cleaning.

However, you shouldn’t expect everything to change drastically and that you have porcelain smooth skin or dishes! Remember that this is a water descaler and it doesn’t exactly soften your water. It would condition it in such a way that makes it safer for consumption while lessening any limescale and stains within your home and plumbing.

I checked what other people thought of it and they say similar things. Some have raved about the way it removed limescale buildup, lessening stains and making it feel like they have softer water. Others have reported negative reviews due to its underperformance, though it’s most likely due to the fact they live in areas with extremely hard water.

But when you think about its affordability, ease of use and maintenance, as well as the performance, you get value. Those with only slightly hard water levels will notice the good performance, while harder water levels may either take the time or won’t have very noticeable changes. With that said, I do appreciate how it works and loves it most for the difference in limescale buildup.

If the descaler doesn’t work well for you, then you can have it returned with their money-back guarantee. They have excellent customer service and will get back to you within a business day for any queries, returns, or repairs. That way, you do get your money’s worth!

What I Liked

What I like most about this electronic water descaler is its environment-friendliness. Since it’s salt-free, there’s no need to add any form of salt blocks or resins, which are what can harm freshwater sources as it goes through plumbing.

Besides this, the salt-free feature makes it economical and easy to maintain, saving you time and effort in the long run. The unit is also cheaper than the usual salt-based water softener!

Of course, I also admire its performance, which does a job well done in keeping my water CONDITIONED and safe to consume and wash with. Other pros that deserve recognition is its complete set, including a warranty and guarantee for assured buyer’s confidence.

What I Didn’t Like

The Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener isn’t perfect, having a few disadvantages as well. Take note that because it’s a salt-free water softener, it may not change your water hardness levels. People who suffer from extremely hard water levels won’t find much of a difference in terms of scaling and hard water stains on surfaces.

Besides this, there are a few minor setbacks which don’t affect the unit directly. For example, there aren’t any manuals you can find about the descaler online, though you can find one in the unit. Other than that, there are minimal to no complaints!

My Final Verdict: Who’s It Best For?

So, is the Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener the best one for you?

For me, I can see that you get more than what you pay for with the unit!

It’s easy to install and requires little to no maintenance, I just leave it be and it performs well. I’ve also noticed that in the long run, it continues to reduce hard water stains and helps me clean up better. Plus, we can drink water safely knowing it’s conditioned and without any salt.

However, take note that this isn’t for all households. It’s not a match to the salt-based water softener, but an eco-friendly alternative for smaller households or those with minimal hard water levels. If you’re a large household with extremely hard water, then you may want to continue the search.

But if your water isn’t too hard, then you save a ton of money and effort with this unit! I believe it to be worth the investment and suitable for many small to medium-sized homes.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, I believe that the Eddy Water Descaler is a great buy, though it may not be for everyone. As long as you don’t have serious problems with extremely hard water levels, then you can benefit from it. You can find units for sale across the UK, whether online or in physical stores.

I hope this my review on the Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener helped you out! If you feel like this is the right unit for you, then make the right investment today.


Do you have any questions or want to share your reviews of the Eddy Water Descaler? Then comment below, I appreciate all your thoughts!