Looking for water softening system can be a lot of work, especially with the large numbers of water softeners out there in the market. If you need a water softener, then you probably have uncomfortable levels of hard water minerals in your water. Hard water is any water which has unhealthy levels of calcium and magnesium in it. They also cause limescale, clogging of your plumbing system and other issues. There are different ways to test for hard water, and if you’re suspicious, you should do so. There are different water softener brands for different homes or depending on how dire the hard water situation is.

Water softeners can be salt-based, descalers, distillers or salt-free. Salt-free systems are getting more well-known nowadays because they do not make use of salt and so they don’t affect the quality of the water. Salt-free systems are also known for preventing limescale buildup and being eco-friendly.

This review would be focusing on the Nuvo H20 Home System which is a salt-free water softener. The Nuvo H20 water softening system is usually described as an ‘as seen on TV’ type of system. The Nuvo H20 reviews are also very promising online. If anyone is looking for a great and efficient water softener, the Nuvo H20 is a great choice.


  • A salt free system.
  • Space-saving and compact sized.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Attractive warranty.
  • Easy to use.
  • Retains healthy minerals.


  • Cannot remove iron.
  • Cannot be used for water with a hardness level of over 10 GPG.
  • Cannot be used for well water.
  • Needs constant replacement of cartridges.

Product Properties

  • Salt-free water softener.
  • Makes use of a filter cartridge.
  • Small size (5 x 5 x 24 inches)
  • 50,000 gallon capacity.
  • Money back guarantee and 5 year limited warranty. ivermectin cream otc

All You Need to Know

  • Softening Process

The most unique feature of the Nuvo H20 water softener is that it makes use of citrus in its water softening instead of salt like other water softening processes. The Nuvo water softener is salt-free, and so it utilizes the power of citrus to get rid of hard water minerals as well as to reduce the buildup of limescale in water appliances like your boiler and washing machine; and in the overall plumbing system.

The Nuvo H20 water softener makes use of a food based chelant which is called Citryne. This is able to make the hard water minerals soluble and stop them from going into the plumbing system. This technology is also called eco-friendly by the manufacturers. The Nuvo H20 claims not only to remove limescale but to also prevent it forever. They also reduce the pH level in the water and so you wouldn’t have to deal with hard water.

Because it is a salt-free system, it is ideal for those who cannot consume a lot of salt. In the cases where people have diet restrictions, salt-based water softeners are not advisable. This is also the case for children who have to reach certain diet limits and restrictions.

  • Dimensions

Starting with the cartridge of the Nuvo H20 Home Water Softening System, this one is longer than the usual for other water softeners. Most water softener brands feature an average 10-inch cartridge but the Nuvo H20 system has a 20-inch cartridge. The lifespan of the cartridge can last after 50,000 gallons. This means that the system can be used for six months by a family of two without having to replace the cartridges.

Apart from this twice as long cartridge, the other dimensions are modest. The softener stands at 5 x 5 x 24 and so it is a compact-sized system and would not take a lot of space wherever you’re installing it.

  • Capacity

The Nuvo H20 Home System can supply 12-15 gallons of water every minute. This makes it very efficient for the family to use and makes sure that there is water supply all the time for every member of the family. This system is made for homes as large as 1,000 to 2,000 square feet. With, at least, 12 gallons every minute, your family can make use of the dishwasher, the washing machine, 2 showers, 2 faucets and even water the lawn at the same time. All of these can be done without the water pressure even dropping. This is one of the reasons why the Nuvo H20 system is very efficient and advisable.

  • Installation

When it comes to installation of the Nuvo H20 water softener, the set has all that you need. Firstly, the contents of the set include a mounting hardware that one would need to install the system. This is useful because the system weighs less than nine pounds and so a wall bracket would prevent it from falling down. Also, the set includes inlets which have a diameter of one inch each, and so you would need to crosscheck this with the size of your pipes before you purchase this system. The set has the hardware needed to attach or connect them properly. If you are using a ¾” supply line, all you have to do is add some adapters when you connect it.

The set also includes a bypass valve which is a very helpful tool. In the cases where you don’t want to use the soft water, especially because of wastage, you can make use of the bypass valve and it would supply you with the water directly from the tank. This is helpful for times when you want to fill up the pool and other times when you don’t need soft water like to fill up the aquarium or water plants.

When it comes to installation, the system comes with an installation guide for DIY installation. As long as you have knowledge about tools, you can install this system yourself by checking an installation guide. If not, it is more advisable to employ a professional to install it although this would mean extra costs.

  • Maintenance

For the maintenance of the Nuvo H20, not much is needed. You don’t have to change the salt frequently or take care of wastewater. Also, it doesn’t need electricity to function. The only maintenance needed for this system is to replace the cartridges which last after 50,000 gallons and to clean it. Also, the filter would have to be changed, at least, every four months.

  • Costs

Water softener costs are very important. One of the selling points of the Nuvo H20 Home System is that it helps households save money; apparently up to more than 2,000 dollars every year. The company claims that the system costs about 50% – 80% less than other water softener brands.

When purchasing this water system, you would have to consider the cost of the initial purchase, installation costs if you want to employ a professional and maintenance costs.

For the initial cost, the Nuvo water system doesn’t cost much. It is actually less expensive than other salt-free water systems and their payment plan allows customers to pay monthly installments of a particular amount until the amount has been completed. Another payment plan is to give the payment completely but you would pay a lesser amount and have a savings. Installation fees depend on the professional that you employ, but ensure that you get a good price.

As for maintenance of the system, you would have to purchase cartridges and filters every six months.

Who is the Nuvo H20 Water Softener Suitable For?

  • Because of the ease of use of this system, it is best suitable for customers who want something uncomplicated and straightforward. ivermectin horses persistance
  • It is also suitable for places with a space limit. This water softener is not bulky at all and so you can install it anywhere. For those with small houses, this compact-sized system is advisable.
  • This system is also suitable for those who cannot consume a lot of salt. This is because the system does not use salt or any additives apart from the citric acid technology. c lectularius ivermectin Also, it is great for those who want clean and perfectly tasting water.
  • It is also suitable for those who are environmentally friendly because the system is completely eco-friendly.

Who is the Nuvo H20 Water Softener Unsuitable For?

  • This system is not suitable at all for those with high levels of hard water minerals in their water. For households with a hardness level of over 10GPG, this system is not advisable. Although it would work, but the maintenance fees would rise because you would have to change the filters often.
  • Those using well water should also not use the Nuvo H20 system. There are sediments in well water and this can make the system clogged. Also, well water is usually high in iron and the Nuvo H20 water softener is not designed for removing iron.

Final Verdict on the Nuvo H20 Water Softener

We would rate the Nuvo H20 system four out of five stars because it is highly efficient and innovative for a salt-free water softener. The features are very attractive and it is affordable. It also has a money-back guarantee and it is simple to use and install. This system would bring no stress to you.

If you’re looking out for more water softeners to consider, you can check out the Fleck 5600SXT which is our top choice. If not, you would be making the right decision by going for the system from our Nuvo H20 review.