Looking for Water Softener Companies? Choose the right brand when making your next water softener purchase. This article will take you through reviews of top quality water softener manufacturers and brands; and the top quality products that they have to offer on the market. We will go in-depth about the products themselves in different individual articles we have lined up for October 2019.

Choosing the right water softener is essential for any house owner who is looking to maintain the higher quality of the water supply for their home. The market is full of water softening products however not all of them are equal in terms of performance and value for money. Going with an unproven manufacturer based on the lowest price can have catastrophic consequences for your budget and your house plumbing too.

When it comes to water purification and demineralization it is crucial that homeowners choose their water softening system according to their specific needs. Here are some of the best water softener manufacturers of the the highest quality right now on the market:

Fleck Systems

Fleck Systems has some of the best water treatment products currently available. They have contributed to so many technological advances during their 50 year-long presence in the water treatment market. This is one of the most recognised brands which has so many satisfied customers.

With its impeccable quality products and a strong customer support, Fleck Systems positioned itself as a true leader in the water treatment products market.

Fleck Systems

Their portfolio includes water softeners, water filters, different valve types as well as all the separate part for water treatment systems. Their products come with warranties ranging from 5 and go up to 10 years of guarantee. That speaks volumes about the quality of everything that is made by Fleck Systems. Their current bestseller is the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Softener which offers incredible value for its great performance.

The customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and our testing showed this to be the best water softener system currently available in the market.

Watts Water Technologies

A company with a truly impressive history. Founded first in 1874 as Watts Regulator Company that began as a small machine shop that provided parts for textile mills. One of the first company in the world to manufacture pressure-reducing valves which helped ensure the safety of boilers and water heaters.

Their operational portfolio includes water quality and conditioning, plumbing and flow control, water reuse and drainage among other services.

Watts Water Technologies

Long ago started as a small shop, Watts Water Technologies since became a global consortium that provides all types of products for plumbing, water processing and heating for both industrial and home use. Today their products can be found throughout the world. Their commercially available water softeners are one of the most reliable and score some of the highest marks for quality from satisfied buyers from all around the globe.

Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System is their bestselling water softener model and with a good reason. It offers unmatched performance for its compact size and is a great system at a very affordable price.

Eddy Water Descalers

This is a fairly young brand on the market for water treatment, however, it positioned itself among the top brass with incredible innovation and excellent value for all of their products. Eddy Water Descalers is a UK based company which was founded in 1999. What separates them from the competition is the innovative approach their products use to rid the water of its heavy elements.

Their water softener products are all electrical. EWD are guided by the motive to make all of their products universal – they created one of the most revolutionary devices used for water softening.

Eddy Water Descalers

Their no-salt approach proved to be a global success and completely changed the way homeowners removed the hard water from their water pipes. The reception for their magnetic water softeners has been very positive and proved that there is always a place in the market for the new companies which innovate. Their signature product is Eddy Electronic Water Descaler and using its innovative approach of water softening.

It is reasonably priced and with a lifetime warranty makes this the only choice for those looking for water softener systems that require no maintenance at all.

APEC Water Systems

Short for Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. – APEC pride themselves as being the leading US based manufacturer of reverse osmosis water treatment systems for residential homes. Their award winning Reverse Osmosis System has gathered a true customer following from ever since it first appeared on the market.

APEC is based in California and has more than 17 years of experience in research and development of highest quality water treatment products and supplies.

APEC Water Systems

The quality of their proprietary reverse osmosis designed water softeners needs no introduction. Strong and positive customer feedback cemented their leading position in the market of salt-free water treatment systems. They are also one of the very few large manufacturers that entirely design, make and test their products in the United States. Their market includes countries from all around the world for systems ready for both commercial and industrial use.

The APEC Essence Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ROES-50) is currently the most sought after water processing system which affirms the APEC as being one of the best manufacturers of the water softening products available on market today.

3M Purification

A true industrial giant, 3M revolutionised so much and with some of its products changed the way we function through our daily lives. it was inevitable for the company of such greatness to venture and improve the way we use the most precious substance in the world.

3M Purification Inc is a section of 3M which offers a complete line of water treatment and filtration systems available for commercial use.

3M Purification

Their water softeners cover any type of home use. Their water softener systems for the processing of the water supply for the entire house received much praise from their customers. Some of the most popular under-the-sink water treatment products on the market today are made by 3M. With more than 40 years of experience in the water treatment research, they make products which are certified by NSF International which is a verified testing system accepted as a standard by America National

Standards Institute. The 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System – Model AP 903 represents their flagship water softener system which holds great value and offers best possible performance with low maintenance requirements.

All of these companies we wrote about present excellent choice for all homeowners looking to buy or even replace their old water softener systems in 2017. Each of these companies offers long guarantee periods which will give you little concern about the duration of their equipment and spare parts availability. You can’t go wrong no matter which one from these manufacturers you choose.